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Pro Built Plus 9 Iron Northwestern, golf club, used

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Description :
This is a pre owned Pro Built Plus, 9 Iron Northwestern. As far as i can tell it is in great condition, I'm not a golfer so i call it as i see it. This is probably the club you've been looking for for years! Now you'll have an advantage on the other players. Therer is a possibility that with this club you could win every game you play from now until the day you die, of course we cant guarantee that, but stranger things have happened. This club has a great swing feel, it will give you the needed confidence you wqant and have looked for. With this club in your bag, your telling everyone, 'the master has come to town, play period for you loosers is over, I'm here to kick anus and kick it hard. If your ready to take the beating of your life....let's get started.' It has a few marks, but that's from use...and that means someone used it a lot because it was a difference maker! Wrap your hands around it and FEEL THE POWERRRRR.

Contact informations :
Seller Name: suthrn_girl
Sale Price: $4.99
Zip Code: 35150
Location: Sylacauga, Alabama

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